Date Event
Nov. 1997 Automobile Maintenance Lease system initially launched and President Tokyo Corporation with capital: NT$200 million established
Dec. 1997 Business officially started on Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei
March. 2002 Kaohsiung branch started operation
Aug. 2003 Taichung branch started operation
Sept. 2003 Founded President Tokyo Auto Leasing Corporation, a subsidiary for Type B Minibus Lease
April. 2004 President Tokyo Auto Leasing Corporation increased capital for developing Type A Minibus Lease
July. 2006 Tainan branch started operation
July. 2006 Factoring started operation
March. 2009 Head office moved to the current add.: Dongxing Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei
June. 2009 Eco-Friendly Computer Leasing initially launched
Jan. 2012 Real estate leasing started operation
Jan. 2013 Automobile Maintenance Dept. started operation
July. 2014 Tong-Sheng Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. founded in Jiangsu Province, China
Jan. 2015 Zhu-Miao branch started operation
July. 2015 Tong-Sheng (Suzhou) Car Rental Co., Ltd. founded in Jiangsu Province, China
Jan. 2017 Individual leasing  initially launched