Automobiles Leasing

Providing auto leasing service for enterprises is the main business of President Tokyo. We have been helping enterprises to manage the usage of vehicles for many years. From selecting the appropriate car types to delivery, the provision of all-directional and tailor-made service has received many compliments.

We offer diverse types of vehicles for commercial purpose, trucks, transportation for goods/frozen foods and passenger buses. The abundant practical experiences bring the upmost benefits to customers.

Types of vehicles:large/mini passenger buses, large/mini trucks, transportation for goods/frozen foods.

Type of lease:new car, car in installments

Lease period:3-year or lease can be continued after the period

Added-value service:provision of substitute cars, 24-h emergence calling service, pay fine for customers upon requests, car check for customers upon requests, risk–based maintenance management, professional counseling and follow-up management of punishment.

Maintenance:with original(or authorized) car dealer or change of consumptive parts

Insurance:based on demands of customers, appropriate projects will be proposed.

New car lease New car lease and maintenance Car in installments Maintenance
Purchase O O
Insurance premium O O
Car plate cost O O
Fuel tax /plate tax O O
Maintenance cost O O